CHEC Wins Best Economic Benefit of the Year and Excellent Enterprise Award of the Year by the Group
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Yesterday, the 2019 work conference of China Communications Construction Group and China Communications Construction Company was held in Beijing, and CHEC won the "Best Economic Benefit Award of 2019" and the "Excellent Enterprise Award of 2018" by the Group. Lin Yichong – Chairman and Party Secretary of CHEC and Tang Qiaoliang – President and Deputy Party Secretary of CHEC went on stage to receive the award, respectively. This is the fourth consecutive year that CHEC has won both the "Best Economic Benefit Award” and the “Excellent Enterprise Award” by the Group, which expresses the Group's full recognition of CHEC's business performance, the reform and development and the party building work.

2020 marks the last year of CHEC's “13th five-year plan” period and its 40th anniversary. At this turning point in history, CHEC, under its correct leadership and along with “CCC in Five Major Fields” and “Three Positionings” as dominant forces, will focus more on the Group’s general work principles of “123456”, abide by the development strategy of “platform company + industry leadership”, unite together, embrace reform, forge ahead with determination and work hard, promote industry leadership 2.0 with efficient management, higher quality and outstanding benefits and act as the best window and pacesetter in the journey of the Group, sparing no effort to promote the high-quality development.

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