CHEC Wins the Bid for Sihanoukville Port Reclamation Project Phase I in Cambodia
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CHEC won the bid for Sihanoukville Port Reclamation Project Phase I in Cambodia, and formally signed the commercial contract with the project’s owner on January 16.  

The total contract value of the project is about USD 308 million and its construction period is three years. The project mainly comprises of land reclamation of about 408 hectares in Sihanoukville, Cambodia and the completion of the corresponding foundation treatment and ancillary works.  

This project is a major breakthrough of CHEC in the new country market and it represents CHECs official entry into the market of Cambodia. Besides, launching the project consolidates CHECs leading position in the traditional advantageous field and lays a solid foundation for follow-up projects in the market of Cambodia.  

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